If you want to get great success at the Startup adventure,

you have to do completely incredible and right things.

Our strength: “Investment strategy”, “Value-up support”, and “Collaboration”

would be the great support for all of the startup community members.

Investment Strategy

Investment Stage : Mainly invest to Seed, Pre-IPO. In addition to invest “Enhancement Stage”.

Investment Sector : Human Augmentation including AI, Robotics, Electronics, AR/VR, Brain Machine Interface, Biotechnology, IT, etc.

Certified VC

2020.4 Certified「NEDO Technology Commercialization Program(TCP)」by NEDO

2020.8 Certified「Bridge financing program」by BDC capital

Value-up support

Each General Partner with 10 year+ experience of venture investment and 9 venture partners with serial entrepreneurship backgrounds for value-add activities.

Startup Studio “Spirete

Spirete is our brother company which is a Startup Studio designed to leverage untapped human resources and seed technologies of large Japanese enterprises to create many disrupting startups from scratch. They are seeking to build global businesses beyond Japan in a scheme that represents a brand new approach to Open Innovation.


We have abundant global Venture Capital & Angel investor network including Japan, Asia, US, and Europe, and supporting global expansion. Plenty of collaboration partners.