Invested in Bisu, a company that provides laboratory-grade urine and saliva testing services

【About Bisu】

Bisu is a startup that aims to improve people's health and quality of life by developing Bisu Body Coach, a lab-grade urine and saliva testing service that can be done at home.

Bisu Body Coach consists of a disposable test stick and a reader that syncs with a companion

smartphone app. The microfluidic “lab-on-chip” technology used in the test stick enables

reliable, precise and automated measurements of a wide range of biomarkers in just 2 minutes.

The app provides feedback on key nutrition indicators such as hydration, minerals and vitamins,

and recommendations are personalized based on the user’s goals, dietary preferences, activity, sleep and weight. Bisu Body Coach is currently in beta, with a pipeline of additional test sticks covering training intensity, hormones, and pet and baby health. Bisu and ASICS will work together on future initiatives aimed to enhance personal health and athletic performance. ASICS’ investment follows Bisu’s

victory in the U.S. Sports & Fitness Industry Association’s startup competition — one of the industry’s major events for which more than 100 sports and fitness executives served as judges.


Healthtech Startup Bisu Raises $3.5M in Seed Round, Will Collaborate with ASICS on Future Projects